Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School opens doors on new £3million Sixth Form redevelopment

Oct 2014
Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School opens doors on

Sixth form students can look forward to an even brighter future at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive thanks to a new £3million state-of-the art facility built by Strategic Team Group.

The school took the opportunity to redevelop its sixth form facilities following the closure of the building due to structural faults in the roof.

Millions of pounds were invested in a complete redesign and in August, the college finally reopened its doors.

Headteacher Denis Oliver said: “In the past two years, not only have we totally remodelled the previous building but we have also added a very impressive extension. The students were asked about what they wanted and how to describe the new areas.

“Overwhelmingly, they opted for space and so space is what we have given them.”

This ‘space’ comes in three different forms; a bright new cafe styled on the Apple store concept, a large common room aptly named ‘The Social Exchange’, and a quiet and private study area, which has been fitted with £45,000 worth of new computer equipment.

The new sixth form block also boasts new performance studios, which can hold audiences of up to 300, spacious and modern classrooms, and a specialist arts and music centre.

As part of STG's engagement with staff and pupils, and to add value for the school, the team worked with pupils to create a freshwater and wildlife habitat within the school grounds. They managed the clearing of a woodland area and subsequent creation of a dedicated space for study and relaxation, complete with easy access for disabled students.

“Our site management team have worked hard during the summer to get our facilities up and running and it’s now down to the teachers and students to get the best from what we have put in place,” added Mr Oliver.
Head of School, Jeff Sharp, commented "The level of finish achieved on the redeveloped Art and Music facilities and the site manager has always managed to work around the very specific requirements of the school. I am pleased to say that Ross (site manager) has effectively managed the site and the myriad of sub-contractors, managed to keep the project on schedule and worked with me to minimse the impact of the construction project on the working life of the school."

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