Sedburn Road, Liverpool

10 months
Liverpool Mutual Homes

STG is in the process of the design and build of 15 Social Housing properties at Sedburn Road, Liverpool. Our Land Development Team introduced the land to Liverpool Mutual Homes as a brownfield site, housing a Community Centre. As part of the original structure, the Community Centre had a large grassed area, which separates the row of residential properties on Sedburn Road and the busy Moorgate Road. Whilst there has been no formal objection to the planning, it is no surprise that STG had to work hard to form an alliance with the community in order mitigate fears and help the scheme to continue successfully.

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Skills and Knowledge

The Project Management Team, overseen by Operations Director, Richard Marshall, comprises; Dave Manners, Site Manager; Simon Newby, Contracts Manager; Richard Albison, Quantity Surveyor; Tuffail Ahmed, Technical Co-ordinator; Andrew Auty, Estimator; Paul Watkin, Planning & Performance Manager; Joanne Moore, Health & Safety Advisor; Local qualified and skilled trade operatives; Customer Care Team available on a 24/7/365 basis.


The Scheme

The works began with the demolition of the existing Community Centre and site remediation. We decided to leave the original metal fencing and gates that surrounded the Community Centre in situ, to form safety barriers.


The houses are constructed with block and beam concrete, ground floors and TGI timber joists to the upper floors. Internal walls will be constructed using traditional masonry. Roofs will be timber truss, covered with traditional laithe, felt and roof tiles. The site will be completed with groundworks, site access, parking and external landscaping.

STG embrace collaborative working, which has been key to accelerating this scheme through our Integrated Project Team approach. By gaining the advice early from our sub-contractors, we have been able to identify the most efficient solutions to our delivery approach. Some of our initiatives include:

  Widening Sedburn Road

We are aware that a result of the new properties becoming occupied, there will be more traffic on Sedburn Road, as well as visitors inevitably choosing to park alongside the road. Therefore, as part of our design, we will be widening the road and creating visitors parking down one side. Our objective is to ensure that the new development has minimal disruption to the existing residents' lives.


In order to provide electricity to the properties, the original design of the site specified that we would need to tap-off from Sedburn Road, with a cost to undertake these works at £85,000. Working closely with the utilities companies, we have been able to demonstrate that we can safely run a cable along the bottom of the site, for the sole use by the new properties. This has resulted in a huge saving of £55,000.

  The Community

Due to the location of the site in relation to the existing residential properties and the fact that we would be building on the large grass area opposite the residents homes, our Site Manager, Dave Manners, has worked hard with the community to help alleviate their concerns. This has included introducing STG and the discussing the scheme with residents, providing letter drops and giving contact details on a 24/7/365 basis. The result of our proactive approach to working with the community has resulted in the site achieving Considerate Constructors accreditation.  During the early stages of the project, a resident spoke to one of our groundworkers on site and commented how quiet we were with the works that were going on, considering we are using large plant and machinery.

Scaffold is being netted where needed to prevent anything falling into public areas. Trees have been fenced off to prevent damage by our works. When any generators are brought on drip trays will be used but the majority of the trades will be using cordless tools, drills etc, reducing the need for petrol to be used on site.

Limited Access

The entrance to site is located just off the busy Moorgate Road and the site itself is located directly opposite the row of existing properties at Sedburn Road.  This means that consideration had to be given to deliveries and parking.   Our operations team and Health & Safety Advisor, Joanne Moore, developed a Construction Phase Health Plan and Traffic Management Plan to ensure the safety of our workforce, visitors and the Public.  Key to the plans were:

  • We removed part of the fencing at Moorgate Road and created an entrance driveway so that delivery vehicles could enter the site safely. Within the site compound itself, we have created a tarmac turning circle to avoid vehicles needing to reverse and to assist with keeping wheels clean
  • All deliveries are scheduled to minimise traffic on-site and are supported by a trained Banksman at all times
  • A parking area has been formed within the site compound for use by operatives and visitors to avoid the need for street parking.
  • Operatives are encouraged to car/van-share to minimise the number of vehicles attending site

Supply Chain

STG has an extensive Supply Chain of both local and national pre-screened Suppliers and Sub-contractors. Contracts Manager, Simon Newby and Site Manager, Dave Manners are directly employed by STG. They are supported by a combination of directly-employed and sub-contracted workforce depending on the requirements of the work, these cover mechanical, electrical and plumbing works. This approach proves more cost-effective than providing these services in-house, ensures that work is undertaken by fully-qualified, licensed operatives and employ people who are from the local area and fully dedicated to their chosen trades. All suppliers and sub-contractors utilised for this scheme have undergone our stringent Supply Chain vetting procedures. As part of our commitment to strengthen relationships with the local community, we advertised our works and invited SMEs from within Liverpool to enter our Supply Chain as suppliers or sub-contractors.


All labour is currently based within a 30 mile radius of the site.  Our bricklayers are within 5 miles and from a local company.  We have also had 2 no. forklift drivers that have been local to the site, one with an L32 postcode.  We are cross hiring skips through Kenny Waste with a local company.

 Cost Control

In addition to accelerating the build, we have worked closely with our Suppliers to identify alternative products and methods of working to save costs. This includes:  

  • Alternative doors and windows 
  • Using a Silo to work more efficient and save costs by reducing waste
  • Eradicate further costs that are often caused by the theft of materials and products by using our sub-contracted Security partner, who undertake 'drive-by' surveillance. Also, boilers are 'tested' for fitting and then removed from site until they are ready to be installed in the property. This ensures that the products can not be stolen and also mitigates the need for storage space. 


In order to continue working ahead of Programme, so that Liverpool Mutual Homes can benefit earlier from the revenue of the properties, we are investigating changing the floor screed from standard to waterproof. This will enable our teams to lay the screed before the build-up of each property to save time on the internal finishings. The additional cost to source the waterproof screed will, of course, be absorbed by STG.

 The site is targeted to complete at the end of March next year. However, through collaborative working with our Supply Chain, we are currently ahead of Programme and hope to finish the scheme by January 2018.

 Quality Control

The following Quality Control procedures have proven to accelerate this scheme through efficient working practices and colaborative working with our Supply Chain: 

  • Our Site Manager and Contracts Manager liaise daily with our Sub-contracted to continually assess our methodology to ensure that we are always using the most efficient working practices 
  • Engaging with our Suppliers early, and throughout the process, to develop an appropriate Procurement Programme, with the flexibility to make amends
  • The Project Management and Mobilisation Team engaged with all stakeholders including personnel from Technical, Planning, Design, Estimating, Procurement and HSQE Departments and collaborated with the client to ensure that STG and New Charter Housing were 100% satisfied that we had a comprehensive understanding of the scheme
  • Our Planning & Performance Manager, Paul Watkin, developed an SLA and Master Programme during the implementation stage. These are designed to identify the key milestones of the scheme and monitor the quality of work and are used in conjunction with daily, weekly and monthly audits of our progress and performance
  • Daily, weekly and monthly audits carried out using Office 365, in conjunction with 3D/4D Technology, to provide cloud-based, 'real-time' Management Information Reports of our progress, performance and compliance with Health, Safety and Environmental legislation. Any non-conformances that can not be corrected immediately, are documented on the reports and submitted to the Contracts Manager and Operations Director

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