Lairds Way, Penistone

17 months
Yorkshire Housing Ltd

Lairds Way is a small and exclusive development introducing a selection of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes ona 1.42 hectare infill site in Penistone for Yorkshire Housing/Space Homes.

 The homes are a mix of detached and semi-detached, with one short terrace, and are two storeys high. This scale reflects the surrounding development in the area. Some of the units have gabled elements and the detached houses feature integral garages.

- Client:

The site formed part of the former Cammell Laird foundry which was reclaimed for the development. Ground Investigations found that the site comprised of clay, sand and gravel containing predominately brick, concrete, slag rubble, ash, cinder, clinker, coal and burnt siltstone which resulted in elevated levels of contaminants including Arsenic, Lead, Benzo(a)pyrene, Benzo(b)fluoranthene and Dibenz(ah)anthracene, as well as the presence of asbestos fibres (Amosite).

 We worked closely with geoenvironmental consultants ARC who prepared a remediation strategy. The solution required an 8m “Dig, Turn and re compaction of materials and then to source and emplace 600mm of clean cover materials on top. The strategy also needed to consider the management of groundwater, perched water and surface water meaning that we needed to undertake ongoing water sampling, testing, treatment or removal throughout the scheme.

The properties have been founded from concrete strip foundations to part of the site and driven piles to the remaining. The ground floor of the houses were constructed by the use of concrete block and beam system with timber TGI joists to the upper floors with timber access stairs. Traditional masonry walling using block and stone was used for the internal and external walls. The roofs are of timber truss type and this has been covered with a traditional tile lathe, felt and concrete roof tiles. The dwellings were completed internally through to final finish ready for occupancy in accordance with the Client’s specification.

 The homes have been designed to achieve the 15% reduction in CO2 emissions, incorporating:-
- high levels of thermal insulation to floors, roof and walls.
- thermally efficient windows and external door sets,
- improved air tightness and thermal cold bridging utilising “Constructive Details”
- controlled continuous mechanical background ventilation.

A show home was completed on the development to support the early reservation of properties for sale.

 Extensive external work was also required during the project with the installation of new utility services, formation of private off street parking, fencing and final landscaping and surfacing.

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