Hedging Lane, Tamworth

22 months

STG designed and built 75 mixed tenure homes at Hedging Lane in Tamworth.  The greenfield site, which is located in the semi-rural area of Wilnecote, was introduced to Orbit Housing by our Land Inclusive Development Team.  

During implementation we worked with Orbit Housing to develop a Community Engagement Plan that was focussed on introducing STG and softening our presence to the community.  Works commenced on 27th June 2016 and despite the delay caused by newt catching, we are working to target.  The entire works include; ground works, site access, parking provision, external landscaping, masonry, roof coverings, joinery, mechanical, electrical, plumbing installations, and internal/external finishes. Properties have been constructed from concrete strip foundations with block and beam concrete ground floors and TGI timber joists to the upper floors.  Traditional masonry walling was used for the internal and external walls. Roofs are timber truss, covered with traditional tile lathe, felt and roof tiles.

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