East Acres, Byram

15 months
Home Group

STG is currently undertaking the design and build of 29 homes for Affordable Rent in Byram, West Yorkshire for Home Group.   A Land Inclusive Deal, STG took legal possession of the former Farmer’s Field on 27th March 2017.  The project comprises of the design and construction of 29 No. two and three bedroom houses and apartments with associated landscaping and external works in accordance with the Client’s specification.

- Client:

 The properties are as follows – 

  • 5 No. 1 bed, 2 person Units 
  • 15 No. 2 bed, 4 person Units 
  • 7 No. 3 bed, 5 person Units 
  • 2 No. 4 bed, 6 person Units 

Works commenced on site on 27th April 2017 with remedial works, cutting down trees, segregating protected trees from the works and stripping out.  Top soil was cleared and reused, along with waste spoil from another site, to raise levels for attenuation. 

The new residential properties will be founded from concrete strip foundations. The ground floor of the houses will be constructed by the use of concrete block and beam system with timber TGI joists to the upper floors with timber access stairs.   Traditional masonry work walling using block and brick will be used for the internal and external walls. The roofs are of timber truss type and this is to be covered with a traditional tile lathe, felt and concrete roof tiles. The dwellings are to be completed internally through to final finish ready for occupancy in accordance with the Client’s specification. 

Extensive external work is also required during the project with the installation of new utility services, formation of private off street parking, fencing and final landscaping and surfacing. 


On-site Management Team

We have appointed a skilled and qualified On-site Management Team from within our Head Office at Castleford comprising:  Matt Edmundson (Contracts Manager and Principal Designer); Paul Barton (Site Manager & Community Engagement Officer); John Doran (Quantity Surveyor); Tim Lavin (Estimator); Paul Watkin (Planning & Performance Manager); Haydn Weaver (HSQE Manager); Qualified and skilled trade operatives; Customer Care Team


During the early stages, the Project Management Team identified that neither the site clearing works, nor raising the land for attenuation purposes, had been factored into the initial pricing and programme.  The additional cost and time required to undertake these works put the project at risk of being completed over budget and behind schedule.  We worked in collaboration with our Supply Chain to review our strategy and amend the phasing of works, source alternative materials and obtain additional resource.   This strategy is proving successful and we are now progressing to the targeted completion date of the end of March, as opposed to the contracted completion date of the end of June.



Relationships with all stakeholders

The site is nestled within a cul-de-sac in the heart of a residential area and was often used by residents for leisure activities including dog walking.  As such, early consultation with the community and social value initiatives are crucial to the success of this project.


During implementation, we worked with Home Group to develop a Community Engagement Plan that was focussed on softening our presence to the community.  Our Site Management Team, in particular, Contracts Manager, Matt Edmundson and Site Manager, Paul Barton, have been instrumental in building strong relationships with all stakeholders from design, to implementation and ongoing. This includes the Local Authority, residents and businesses.  We openly communicate with all parties and use a pragmatic approach to challenges, as detailed below:  

  • Our Resident Liaison Offices sent Newsletters to residents and the local school introducing STG and the scheme – a further two more newsletters have been sent to residents providing them with an update of work
  • We provided contact details for use on a 24/7/365 basis, along with our Complaint Process, should anyone have concerns
  • During the site set-up, we erected wooden fencing around the boundary of the site.  This now forms new fencing for adjacent residents

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