Douglas Road, Bradford

18 months
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STG have developed an existing parcel of wasteland off Douglas Road in Bradford to provide 50 new build properties, comprising 2 one-bedroom apartments, 36 two-bedroom houses and 12 three bedroom houses. The scheme includes all associated utilities, roadways and infrastructure. All properties have achieved Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

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The new homes were constructed from concrete strip foundations with block and beam concrete ground floors and TGI timber joists to the upper floors. Traditional masonry walling was used for the internal and external walls. Roofs are of timber truss covered with a traditional lathe, felt and roof tiles. The houses have completed internally through to final finish ready for occupancy. Extensive external work was also required during the project, with the installation of new utility services, formation of private off-street parking, fencing, final landscaping and surfacing. Prior to construction commencement, the removal of asbestos-containing materials and Japanese knotweed was undertaken by STG’s specialist sub-contractors.

STG is committed to collaborating with the wider community and often the work that we do goes beyond what is required to complete the project. During the pre-construction and phase of the project, we were made aware by Bradford MDC that a Gas Mitigation Strategy was needed due to a nearby school having a gas issue. Earlier test had confirmed there was no issue on our particular site. However, as with any of our projects, it is essential to STG that we gain buy-in from the community and therefore agreed to carry out gas protection work for the benefit of the school. Whilst this would obviously have a positive impact on the school and community, it meant that the extensive work needed could have delayed the project and thus, had a negative impact on the relationship with our client. However our inhouse design team worked closely with external consultants and our Supply Chain to make alterations
to the Programme and allocate additional resource. The result: the housing project was completed on time and within budget. The school’s gas issues were resolved.

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