Chellow Heights, Bradford

14 months
Home Group

The scheme involves the construction of a new housing development on an infill site in Chellow Heights, Bradford. The scheme is to provide a total of 66 units as follows:-

  • 48 No 2 Bedroomed 4 person dwellings
  • 18 No 3 Bedroomed 5 person dwellings
- Client:

The new residential properties will be founded from concrete strip foundations. The ground floor of the houses will be constructed using concrete block and beam system with timber TGI joists to the upper floors with timber access stairs. Traditional masonry walling using block and stone will be used for the internal and external walls. The roofs are of timber truss type and this is to be covered with a traditional tile lathe, felt and concrete roof tiles. The dwellings are to be completed internally through to final finish ready for occupancy in accordance with the Client’s specification.

Extensive external work is also required during the project with the installation of new utility services, formation of private off street parking, fencing and final landscaping and surfacing.

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