Diversity charter

It is Strategic Team Group’s aim to promote and manage diversity effectively. Our Equal Opportunities Policy highlights our commitment to treating everyone fairly, regardless of personal characteristics - our aim is simply to recruit, retain and develop the best talent.

We strive to maintain a working environment that is inclusive and celebrates individual differences. In order to build positive communities while creating profitable growth, we believe we must invest in our employees. We recognise that an effective and productive organisation is one where every employee is able and eager to contribute to corporate objectives; therefore we provide opportunities for all employees to develop – both personally and professionally – thereby reaching their full potential.

Recruitment & Selection

It is important that we draw upon the skills and knowledge of the communities in which we serve; this often involves advertising our vacancies in targeted areas or communities to ensure that appropriate individuals are involved. We also work closely with local authorities and agencies, supporting local economies by offering job opportunities to people in our areas of operation. We aim to engage the talents of local people, helping the socially disadvantaged and long-term unemployed back into work (whether temporary or permanent). Recruitment and selection criteria are based on the skills and talents of individual applicants and we focus on objective assessment of each applicant’s ability to carry out the role successfully.

We also endeavour to offer apprenticeships, trainee placements and work experience for students wishing to pursue careers in construction. We will work closely with local schools to increase awareness of the variety of jobs available within the industry and highlight career progression routes. We believe new sector entrants add real value to the industry and we strive to nurture and develop these individuals to become potential future business leaders.

‘Employer of Choice’

We wish to be seen as an ‘Employer of Choice’ in the construction industry. Positive people-management strategies are a key factor in supporting this objective. To this end we have implemented a diversity programme to promote positive practices in this area; it also involves ascertaining the views of our personnel, sub-contractors, suppliers and clients on our management of diversity.

We comply with all anti-discrimination laws to combat inequality in the workplace; our aim is to maintain a fair and tolerant workforce that respects, values and appreciates individual differences. Our people are our greatest asset, enabling us to meet our long-term goals: people make the difference at work and we recognise that everyone is different.

We are involved in a number of initiatives aimed at opening up construction professions to a broader talent pool. These involve promoting our industry and business in schools and colleges, as well as to groups which have traditionally been under-represented in construction.  Through offering work experience and supporting organisations such as the CITB, we ensure that our recruitment drives will have the maximum possible effect.

Development & Promotion

We mentor our employees and lead by example in demonstrating positive behaviours. Providing relevant skills training enables individuals to succeed in their own career aspirations while supporting those around them, regardless of any personal difference. We believe education plays a key role in harnessing understanding of diversity and creating an inclusive work environment.

We continually strive to develop a diversity culture that is open and transparent by communicating effectively with employees, suppliers, sub-contractors and clients.  Communication can be through a variety of channels such as meetings, employee handbooks, notice boards, email, open consultations and forums on how to improve our current practices. We work closely with all stakeholders in our works to gain a better understanding of their needs, ensuring that the services we provide are properly designed to address any diversity needs and improve overall satisfaction.


The role of the senior management team is vital in communicating the drive for diversity throughout the Group. Our aim is also to ensure that employees take ownership of complying with our equality and diversity policies and guidance. We recognise that different individuals will face varying challenges and encourage feedback from all personnel to enable us to deal with these effectively.

We will review this Diversity Charter annually to assess its effectiveness and make any amendments necessary to promote equality of opportunity for all.

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