Our people

Our people represent our greatest asset and their well-being, coupled with continuing personal and professional development, will always be crucial to our success.

"We've found that, by looking after our people and acknowledging their contribution, we create highly-motivated teams that deliver the highest standards of workmanship and customer service. By looking after customers, we build long-term and mutually-beneficial relationships."

Andrew Watson, Managing Director

Recruitment and Retention

The recruitment and retention of high-quality people is vital to STG. To support our future success, we must also demonstrate our commitment to Equal Opportunities and Local Labour Policies in order to attract a diverse range of people from all sections of the community. STG maintains excellent links with the Construction Industry Training Board and specific organisations such as Youthbuild, Build (Kirklees Pathway into Construction), Leeds College of Building, Barnsley College, Sheffield College and Bradford College. Through these connections and innovative in-house programmes, we strive to make employment opportunities available to those who will benefit most from our assistance.

We carry out regular visits to schools and colleges, introducing students to the construction industry and encouraging interest in learning a trade or industry skill. Trainee placements and apprenticeships are regularly offered in all areas of our business and we consistently retain new recruits as long-term employees. STG is recognised for providing some of the best employment terms and conditions in the industry, reflected in our successful recruitment and retention of individuals with the abilities to support our growth plan.

Training & Development

STG provides an excellent range of training and development opportunities at every level of the business. We provide rigorous health, safety, quality and environmental training to every member of the team and also fund courses to promote individual development in the more specialist areas of our operations.

We look forward to the future, confident that every team member has the support, determination and enthusiasm needed to take our business forward - and to reward our team for their dedication, we will continue to provide the best possible remuneration, benefits and career opportunities.

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